Buying Ladybirds (bugs) etc.

brien_nzSeptember 11, 2008

In the US and the UK it is possible to buy boxes of ladybirds, lacewings and other beneficial insects to release into your garden or greenhouse. I have not been able to find a supplier in New Zealand. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy these things here?

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If you're in Canterbury - ask at your regional council in the weed control section. They usually have contact with the bio-control agencies and may directly know of someone who is working in this area.

Another possible is your local branch of Tree Crops, the Soil Association, and your Biodynamic producers - probably more the latter two. You might be able to check with whatever MAF has morphed into to see if there's a Biodynamic field officer in your area you could contact direct -even if you aren't interested in that method overall.

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Also try Massey University which may not actually supply, but will know where you can buy them.

Another option - see if bug man Ruud Kleinpaaste (sp?) is on Twitter or Facebook, and post a message asking him.

And when you have an answer, please share here? I'm after Steel Blue Ladybugs, as they are predators specific to citrus trees. Thanks

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these are all quite old messages, but if anyone is interested in buying beneficial garden bugs in nz go here

they don't have steel blue ladybugs, but do have dusky ladybugs among other things. postage is quick too

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