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Protective clothing to prevent bug bite, poison ivy, etc.

13 years ago

If it was a perfect world i could do my gardening in bare feet, shorts and a T shirt, but the pests would eat me alive! In the last 30 days the pest have become very active, and I have to wear as much covering as possible ... long sleeve shirt/pants, boots and long socks overlapping, etc. I even use 8 mil nitrile gloves so not only will my hands not get bitten, but I don't have to wash my hands of dirt after gardening.

I would prefer not to use chemicals like Off on my skin, spraying malathion each week, inscent burning pots, etc. I do keep over growth and weeds to a minimum with no ponds or standing water.

What is your approach to keeping the bugs off your skin? Any special clothing or netting?

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