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Web site behaves differently on Apple device?

last month

I use my laptop computer with Windows 11 to search for audiobooks. I was puzzled at an issue I was having with how search results are displayed. When I used my iPad Mini for the same search, the results appear the way they are supposed to. To explain - with my laptop, I use the Browse pull down to select a topic, such as Biographies & Memoirs, which yields numerous results. On the results page, a hyperlinked phrase appears on the right, "See all in Biographies & Memoirs." However, this phrase disappears after a few seconds, not enough time to click on it. When l do this identical search using my iPad Mini, the hyperlinked phrase appears but does stay, giving enough time to click on it. Unfortunately, the iPad is too small to easily see details of searches and I would like to find a way to use my larger laptop instead. Audible customer support weren't able to offer a solution as to how the hyperlinked phrase could be prevented from disappearing on Windows 11.

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