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The Power of Yeast?!

last month
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See the hole? This is the lid to a cleaned and reused jar which had sourdough starter discard in it! My starters are well established, and hearty. They were in the fridge for half a year while I wasn't able to bake or even feed them. I took them out last week, fed them, they bubbled up happily, so I fed them again, and put them away in their nice clean jars. The discard jar had about 1/3 old, unfed starter in the bottom, and the rest from (before) the second feeding, so it isn't so surprising that even with just the the one feeding, it had some life. I've occasionally underestimated the growth space needed and had starter push out around the lid, but never has it, before, punched a hole right through the lid! A big ball squeezed out, and only stopped because the exterior dried out in the fridge evaporator (more came out after I pulled off the ball). Yeast stronger than steel!! Who knew?

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