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Personal female issue after meno

27 days ago

I should say I am 66, and finished my last period 20 years ago. i have been busy with work and kids and havent really looked after that part of my health. My dr. has a new nurse practisioner and she decided it was time for me to address some maintenance issues so I have gone for a myriad of tests and procedures to bring me up to date. Mamogram, bone scan, , pap test, etc. When I went for the pap test last month my OBGYN precribed a vaginal ointment for estrogen. i used it for about a month with a few noticible changes, mostly ok. But I used it before bed as usual last Sunday and woke up with some awful things happening to my body. The worst of it was my head. I was afraid of everything, crying for no reason (very unusual for me) and sick to my stomach. Most concerning to me, was my BP went sky high. I was at my family dr. yesterday for another issue and their office insisted I return to my gyno for help. so I made an appointment for the week after next. Today I am feeling mostly ok so far, but I am scared as to what it xould be if it isnt the estrogen. It's been a week since I last used it. I know it’s really not a medical forum, but I like the info I get here. I guess I just want to know if this has ever happened to anyone else.

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