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Quiche-have you ever used sliced rather than cubed ham?

24 days ago
last modified: 24 days ago

I spared no expense giving my guests everything they wanted for two and a half weeks. I would like to use up everything that I bought that they didn't eat. And maybe recoup some cost.

I had great success using the sliced turkey. It was mixed in with super chopped (and crisped up) mushrooms, in a cream sauce and some pasta so I didn't really notice the texture. Not only that, I loved it. It was smokey turkey and I used the last two slices of smoked gouda with it. And a splash or two of white wine. I could have married it I was so in love with it.

I will make a quiche with the sliced ham, rather than cubed. I plan on crisping it up, with some bacon. Will I grin and bear it, or will I like it? Because I will use up the rest of the eggs and the cheese with it. That is happening. It's just sustenance.

Luckily, I am watching naked and afraid, and everything I am making sounds better than the food they catch on that show.It would be nice to enjoy it though 😉 Did you ever try it?

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