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Actual Shortcake Short Shortcake Test

26 days ago
last modified: 26 days ago

Today, I made the actual shortcake recipe I'd hoped would be like the actual shortcake I remembered from childhood. I started with three other more biscuit style recipes to try, along with this, and did one, because this is a big one, and I thought I'd be able to serve it to company, but the company came during Passover. So, I was going to try the recipe with the hard boiled egg yolks and lemon today. but had a brainstorm. I finally figured out--that is the fog of the last few months parted--how to scale the recipe. It has a dough that gets pressed into three 8" cake pans. Conversions are for volume, but this is a divide into three equal pieces dough. So, it finally dawned on me to calculate the surface area of my pans, and the closest I could get to half of 3x8"pan (approx. 75 was one 6.5" and one 7.5" (about 77 At that point, I was all arithmeticked out and just divided the dough by feel. :)

The recipe is different enough from anything I've made that I wasn't sure--but it's from Driscoll's, the big strawberry grower, so I had hope. It's actually better! Or, I lucked out. Other than the size, I did follow it pretty well, though did my own thing for the strawberries and cream, again. I measured the salt by eye and used cream which had started to separate in the dough, estimating the proportion of whey to clot also by eye. I know those were close enough not to matter, though the partially clotted cream is tastier than fresh cream. I also used organic unbleached flour with an 11% protein content.

The whole thing is made in the food processor, except for a brief kneading of the dough into a ball. If there was any effect of the required kneading toward gluten, it wasn't apparent. All that butter and cream likely interfered. Maybe the bit of gluten that could have formed might have helped it hold together a little. The cake is very creamy tasting and fluffy inside, crumbly and delicate. I broke the larger piece through inattentive un-panning. Mooshed together it was fine. Even as a two tier half batch, it was going to be largely left over and go in the fridge. I couldn't find the cake boards, which I vaguely remember moving out of my way, but not where. So I figured it would be close to filling the bottom of a pie plate, and then fit in a pie holder in the fridge, and this was about proof of concept, not beauty.

Anyway, at just a little short of perfectly golden brown, the outside is crisp and a little cookie-ish, and the inside tastes of cream and butter, but is airy and cake-y/cookie-ish rather than biscuity, crumbly and rich, but eats light. And it's so good! It's very happy with the strawberries and the whipped cream (I know I should have rewhipped the cream before assembly, I amended it post-whip and deflated it a little, but it tastes good).

This is a version of the actual shortcake I asked about. Here's the link again:

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