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26 days ago

In 2000 a pregnant skinny starving Tortie came in my yard. I fed her and she diappeared. Two days later she was back and I knew she had had the babies. I finally located her and the babies under a neighbor's porch. We put mom in a carrier and I grabbed the three tiny kittens and took them to our house.. I gave the two orange boys to the rescue group and kept mom and her identical daughter for 18 years. I loved Nellie and her kid Annie so much.

In 2016 I kept seeing a Maine Coon cat in the alley a mile from my house. He was very friendly and I heard he was dumped and the neighbors were feeding him. After taking him to my vet for scanning and nothing , I took him home named him Bernie and he has been living the good life.

Yesterday two friends found a friendly strarving cat with a bushy tail so I took canned food over to them. That cat is now living in my garden house while I decide if I am up for another cat and how it would disturb the dynamics of the house with the other two cats. Poppy was rescued from the Humane Society in 2019 and is 7 and aloof. Bernie is laid back. Those two don't socialize but don't fight either. My other rescue that time died last April from cardiomyopathy at age five. Maybe she sent this cat on the aniversary of her death. Hmm.... what to do?

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