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Please help- this room is holding us up from buying this house

Ty Weaver
28 days ago

So we found a house we really like, except we're a bit perplexed about this space. We would like if it was
a bit larger, but it is what it is. We absolutely do not like the fireplace, and we think we would like to paint
the island a sage green oor something to break up the browns.
Any recommendations on how we could beat utillize the space in the living room? There is another space
that we'll use for late night TV/movie watching but we would like this room to be usable as well. We're
thinking a compact sectional, but we'd also like space for our 8 month old to play while we cook/etc. Also including a picture of the bonus room that
we plan on using for the main entertainment room incase anyone had some interesting ideas..... But it's mainly this smaller room that we're really struggling with. My wife is nervous it' not large enough and doesn't flow well.
Thank you so much

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