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Need help with setting up living room please!!

5 years ago

OK so these pictures are from five years ago when we first moved into the house and things have since been painted... but we are starting over in this room again and it is being painted a light gray to match the dining room which is now light gray too... we have new carpet and it is a grayish brown and now both in the living room and in the dining room because we change the dining room to a little sitting area ... I am terrible at decorating, someone who knows better, how would you set up a room like this? It is used for video gaming and just the kids to kind of run around, but we were thinking a small loveseat..Only thing that sucks is in the corner that you cannot see will have to be a large dog cage (toward the front door) The cable hook up for the TV is in the far left corner in the second picture, not backing up to the dining room... it is so weird to me to set up a room like this, I don’t know if I should put a table in front of the window of some kind??? Opinions of how you would decorate this?? Before, we just had a couch to the right on the wall before the dining room opening.. and then we had the TV in the far left corner and a chair with ottoman in the far right corner on the other side of the dining room opening, but it looked kind of empty and blah and nothing seems to go in front of the window.. opinions? Or even if you could show me pictures of items that you would use in this room? We are going with white, gray and teal . Thank you so much