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Clearance for single door fridge/freezer

last month

We are looking at built in fridge/freezers 36" width.

We quite like the look of the single door fridges (versus french door) with bottom freezer. However, we will have an island across from the fridge - with a 41" aisle between fridge and island. That width takes into account countertop overhand/handles on the island and assumes fridge face is flush with the cabinet wall on the other side.

We have a smaller aisle than that in our current kitchen in front of the (french door) fridge, and it is absolutely fine. And there's no need for space for a second person to pass behind. So we know french door will work fine in this space.

But if we went with a single door fridge: We need enough room for a single person to stand in front of the fridge, open the single 36" door and be able to stand comfortably. We did some experimenting where we pretended to open a 36" door and tried to guess where we would comfortably stand and how far one actually opens the door and where you stand vis a vis the open door.... and it felt like a 41" aisle is tight. But wondering if anyone has any rules of thumb about this? We are fine doing french door if that's the safe bet, but just wondering if single door is even an option. Thanks!