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Kitchen design help!

last month

We just bought a new home and are redoing the kitchen. We're planning to demo the wall between the existing kitchen and dining room to create a more open floor plan. We can't seem to get the kitchen design right though. Specifically running into problems around:

- Where do we put the refrigerator?

- Where do we put the range?

- Should we do pantry style cabinets or build a pantry?

- How should we use the space in front of the bay windows?

- We don't have a triangle and don't know how to make one in this space

- The space on either side of the island doesn't feel well utilized

We're doing a full gut renovation of the kitchen so anything can change. We have a healthy but not extravagant budget. We love to cook and the main thing we care about is making the kitchen functional and fun to use. Any advice would be so much appreciated!!!

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