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Winter Rose Hardiness At Summerland Ornamental Gardens 2023/24

last month

I was asked earlier this spring by the Chair of the Board to do an evaluation and report on the rose collections at the Summerland Ornamental Gardens, post pruning. This following a brutal cold snap in January that followed an abnormally warm November and December.

In doing that evaluation, I also visited a number of other rose gardens and collections in the South Okanagan Valley. All of the information from my research, observations and impressions went into the drafting of that report.

It occured to me that the subsequent report might be of interest to folk on the Antique Rose Forum as well. I am therefore providing a link to the roses menu on the Summerland Ornamental Gardens website where the report is now posted, just below the rose tour video link. I hope that some of you find it useful and informative.

Winter Rose Hardiness

Cheers, Rick

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