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Anyone else lose established roses this past winter (2022-2023)?

Rose Beginner(MA - 6A)
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I think I’ve lost one of two Julia Childs, a large Knockout, and a tall Eleganza Sunny Sky. The first two are about 6-7 years old, while the last was 2 or maybe 3. I normally don’t do anything special for them in the winter. My Princess Anne, the same age as the Julia Childs and Knockout, is still doing fine, as are a Cinco d’Mayo and an Earth Angel Parfuma.

All I can think of is that one weekend when we had superfrigid temperatures. But still, zone 5, which I think is the rating for all these roses, is supposed to be down to -20°, and it didn’t get that cold. I’m in zone 6A.

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