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"Marlowe Soft Pink"

Well, actually the rose is "Marlowe Soft Orange", whose blooms are normally something like those of 'Talisman' or 'Sutter's Gold' or 'Royal Sunset'. But today I noticed this oddball bloom, on just one side-shoot of a branch (other side-shoots are normally colored on the branch). First time for this rose in the dozen or more years I've had it and not only are the petals pink, their reverses are pale yellow instead of gold and it has at least double the number of petals, compared to a regular bloom. I had to double-check that the young 'Irene Bonnet' on the other side of the arch hadn't managed to sneak a cane over there already. Always fun!

Oddball bloom (note regular buds on same branch):

Versus normal blooms:

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  • last month

    could it be a sport?


    catspa_zone9sunset14 thanked jacqueline9CA
  • last month

    I'll be watching that particular branch to see what develops, Jackie -- it's a lovely bloom and wouldn't mind having a plant of that, too!

  • last month

    Here's an update photo of that sported blossom, from today. So far, just that one side shoot (and not a large one at that!), but eventually I will try to propagate it. It really is lovely and quite different compared to the regular Marlowe flower -- hard to believe it's from the same plant.