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Help with layout in narrow room

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We've lived in this house for a year and I've done absolutely nothing with this room besides throw random leftover furniture in it. It is the first room that you enter into and would love for it to have great conversational seating where my family can hang out and feel inviting to our guests. The problem i continue to run into is that the half wall with the piano feels like it essentially splits the room in half where half of the room is a hallway to the kitchen and half is an extremely narrow room. I feel like I can't place furniture in the "hallway" half, leaving only 8' in the "room" half which doesn't lend itself to a very conversational layout. But maybe it's not completely off limits to place some furniture in the other half? The piano also has to stay as this is the only room in the house where it fits. I'm planning on buying new couches, chairs, rug, etc. as soon as I can figure out a comfortable, conversational layout for 6+ people. As a side note we do particularly love the cozy feel of sectionals but understand there might not be any way to make one work in this room. I would love to hear any and all suggestions!
*Sorry for the messy state of the house and poor pictures, it's the end of a long day.

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