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Help with layout, longer narrow room

6 years ago

Good afternoon!

We've recently refreshed the main floor of our Seattle bungalow and are trying to figure out how to arrange furniture in the front part of the house. Four pictures are attached to show the room, with the first (I hope!) looking from the dining room into the front room (the subsequent pics 'move' toward the fireplace area). The front room in question is ~ 14' wide by 27' long -- so, a longer narrower type of space.

The pictures show that we bought an L-shaped sectional already to start. It tucks nicely into one corner of the front room and 'opens up' toward the dining room opening and the fireplace (albeit at a distance).

But, what to do around the fireplace area? We were considering a couch against the long open wall with two chairs facing it under the window, a fairly standard layout, but wonder if there are other inspired options that would work better for our space? Anything come to mind?

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