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Need layout help with narrow living room & family room !!

3 years ago

Hi! We have two spaces in our new home left to decorate - the living room & family room. They're both a bit narrow and what would be considered the formal living room is the bigger of the two so we'd like to have the TV and lounging area set up there. We're more on the casual side so don't really need a formal room but struggling with how to layout the furniture in these two spaces because of windows and entryways. We have kids too so would need some space to be dedicated to play items.

For the living room, I was thinking of a couch against the window wall, a loveseat opposite it, maybe accent chairs / recliner in the corners and the TV on the wall across the foyer entryway. Is that the best layout for this size room? Can we pull off a sectional somehow?

Here are photos of the listing (not our furniture) and of the floor plan.. thanks so much!!

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