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Viking Range Rear wall clearance

last month

I just picked up a Viking VGIC5362 36" Gas range. It came with the island trim. In checking the clearances in the book it says "Minimum clearance for back wall is 3/4" with backguard or high shelf to allow for rear standoffs against a combustible wall. There must be a minimum of 6" clearance from rear of range to a combustible wall with an island trim."

I started doing research and everything I'm seeing on here is saying the whole wall needs to be non-combustible in order to push the island trim range against the interior wall. I have a wood framed interior wall with drywall and was planning to tile the backsplash with ceramic/porcelain tile. I can't change the wall to non-combustible materials.

I called viking directly for support and provided my model number and explained my situation. They assured me that as long as I put ceramic tile over the drywall I am fine. I dont even need to replace the drywall with cement board. Called twice to confirm it. They did advise that a white ceramic tile would likely discolor from the heat.


1. should I just trust the Viking technical support to provide guidance on their own product? I really don't want to purchase an 8" back guard mainly for looks.

2. Is there a risk of the wall combusting internally without me seeing evidence on the backsplash? My thought would be to add the backguard later if the tile discolors.

3. Would using a solid stone as backsplash be better and fix the problem?


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