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Freestanding Bosch vs Thermador fridge?

last month

We need a 36" counter depth fridge without ice maker in the door. We don't have the height for a built in like subzero (nor desire to spend that much). But would like something higher end looking than Samsung or LG.

There are surprisingly few options without ice makers. Kitchenaid - but I don't like the grooved handles. That mostly leaves us with Bosch and Thermador freestanding models. Both look quite nice and meet all our needs. So it comes down to reliability issues.

Google tells me these are essentially the same fridge (same parent co) but with some minor differences in the details, and a $1500 price difference.

I read terrible things about Bosch fridges and peeling coatings. Genuine concern or overblown?

And does the Thermador have the same issue? Would it be worth $1500 for the Thermador to avoid any potential issues?

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