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Floor finisher put poly over shellac & ruined my floors! How to fix?

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I am really at a loss. I am a first-time homeowner and after buying my house, I wanted to protect my investment so I decided to spend a considerable amount of money getting the floors a new buff and coat before I moved my stuff in. Less than a year later, the floors were bubbling and peeling up all over the place.

Setting aside the fact that the floor person refused to do anything about it (it was less than a week beyond his "one-year warranty" period), and all the steps it took for me to figure out what the cause was:

I believe that the previous owners applied amber shellac to all of the floors, and the floor person I hired did not identify this and foolishly applied a satin-finish polyurethane atop it, which is now causing the layers to separate.

<weeeeps> So what do I do now? I have three questions:

  1. How do I fix the areas that are bubbling up and peeling? (See pics below as examples.)
  2. How do I prevent this from happening everywhere else in my house?
  3. I pulled out some old kitchen cabinets, so I have some areas of flooring I now need to patch in with this same wood to match. How do I match the existing color of the amber shellac, which now also has the look of the coat of satin polyurethane atop it, without getting myself into this same mess with the new boards? In other words, how do I reliably create a satin finish with an amber shellac?

Thanks in advance for your help! I gave been losing sleep over this! 😩

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