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Learn from my mistake: oven cleaner ruined my floor

14 years ago

My oven does not have self clean. An older Viking gas range. I do not clean my oven often. However, it was time to do the deed.

I sprayed Easyoff in the oven and went to bed! My bad! I have always cleaned it right away, and this was the first time for the overnight method. When I got up, all the icky easy off cleaned fatty liquid had dripped onto the hardwood floor from the corners of the oven door. The stain penetrated the wood and peeled off the finish of the floor. Man this stuff is caustic. I was actually wondering as I was laying in bed if I should have put something on the floor to protect the floor.... Very very stupid. I have made some expensive mistakes in my life but I can't think of any at this moment that trumps this.

The saving grace, if there is any, is that I am about to get my kitchen design started and my floor was to be refinished with the new kitchen this summer. They may have to replace a few pieces of wood.

Learn from my mistake and do not do what I did!

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