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Need some assistance with minor repairs on our Gaia SPC flooring

2 months ago

Hello, we had Gaia flooring installed a few years ago (Black Series, Sawyer) and we love it. Unfortunately, we've learned that the contractor who installed it for us did so incorrectly, so a small number of planks are showing minor gaps and/or very slight buckling. Also unfortunately, Gaia has since changed the thickness of the Black Series, Sawyer flooring, and we are unable to locate additional inventory in the event that planks will need to be replaced. (We did purchase additional planks at the time, but have already exhausted our supply.)

At present, we believe that the few affected areas can be repaired by removing our baseboards and trimming the planks. The issues are not very visible. We would like to address them before we are in a situation where the damage is significant, since we do not have inventory of the previous thickness in order to replace rather than repair. Searching for a qualified repair contractor to assist - we are located in Napa, CA.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of a retailer who may have a few boxes left of the Black Series, Sawyer, we would be very interested in purchasing.

Thank you.

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