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Cracked Cambria Island advice needed!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We recently went through a vacation condo remodel. Last thing was installing the countertops. We arrived last Wednesday to find our beautiful slab of Cambria Ella installed. It wasn’t very long until (within an hour of arriving) we noticed 3 major issue on the island.

1. There is a 2 foot crack clear through the slab... basically a broken off section in the corner! I’ll post a photo below. We contacted the installer/fabricator (same person) who came out 2 days later and “repaired” it. Still looks like a crack. Still feels like a crack when you run your hand over it! Basically looks the same however he is saying while it’ll always be there - now it’s sealed???

2. The opposite diagonal corner has a big chip out of the underneath. This and #1 leads us to believe that the island top may have been dropped when carrying it up to be installed!

3. The side of the island where he cut out for the refrigerator door swing (also where the crack begins) is crooked!!! It is not a straight line!

While I feel all of this is the fabricators error, not Cambria’s, I still contacted Cambria as they state we have a lifetime warranty and I do not know the real reason (we were not here) the quartz is cracked & chipped. I was told they would send a Cambria rep from Atlanta (condo is in Myrtle Beach) out to repair the break/chip. They also said that a break clear through is a result of something hot being put on it or something being dropped on it. I’m not sure how they will repair the break differently than it already has been “repaired”. I’m just not happy that I have a damaged countertop that I paid a lot of money for. Also, doesn’t Cambria have some sort of policy as they require their fabricators to be certified through them? Idk. :(

What should I do? What would you do? Advice please.

Crack. Runs from this corner spot back to the wall.


Uneven cut.

Also, is it normal to have the edges cut differently on the bar side? Rounded vs squared. This is more minor to me but it is something I don’t like. I‘d it have been cut the same (squared would have been my preference) on both sides. See pic below....

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