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Bryant vs Goodman vs Ruud

We moved into a home with a 20+ year old HVAC system and were considering an upgrade before summer. It's a 2800 ft/sq home (our first) and will be our first major upgrade to the home. We got a few quotes but I was hoping you all could weigh in and lend your expertise.

The units are Bryant 127TAN048C0W + 820TB60090V21 system with a Goodman GCVC960804CN + GSXC7048 and a Ruud R962V0855A21M4SCAP + RA14AZ42AJ1NA. The estimates are $13500 for the Bryant, $14000 for the goodman and $16225 for the Ruud.

Bryant 127TAN048C0W + 820TB60090V21

  • Cooling (AC): The model number seems to be a 4-ton unit.
  • Heating (Furnace): I couldn't find the BTU rating on this, and interestingly, the estimator here never asked for our square footage. 🤔

Ruud R962V0855A21M4SCAP + RA14AZ42AJ1NA

  • Cooling (AC): The RA14AZ42AJ1NA model has a tonnage of 3.5 tons. This capacity is slightly less than the Bryant and Goodman models.
  • Heating (Furnace): The R962V model number is a high-efficiency furnace with a variable speed blower, 80,000 BTU

Goodman GCVC960804CN + GSXC7048

  • Cooling (AC): The GSXC7048 model is a 4-ton, similar to the Bryant system
  • Heating (Furnace): The GCVC960804CN furnace has a heating capacity of around 80,000 BTU, with high-efficiency and a variable-speed blower

So far, my armchair research suggests installation is 90%, if not more, of the reliability. The Goodman quote came from a trusted family friend's recommendation. The Ruud is from the same tech. The Bryant came from a Yelp find.

If budget isn't the main concern, rather functionality, quality and reliability, which of these would you go with? I am leaning towards the Goodman, seems like a decent value and tech for the model numbers listed, but I have read some concerning reviews online about Goodman's reliability. We live in a moderate temperature with relatively cold winters (< 30º F for a few months).

Any help would be much appreciated!

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