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Design help for kitchen

19 days ago
last modified: 19 days ago

Any suggestions on how to make this kitchen more open to living area and updated? My son just recently purchased and wants to get rid of the upper cabinets where the wall oven is and just keep the lower cabinets. Then comes the question where to put oven? I suggested just get a stove top/oven and put where current oven/microwave is and get rid of old gas cooktop. I wonder if this design would look odd with just some bottom cabinets and oven in middle of floor? He does want to get new countertops and maybe new flooring. Not sure if cabinets can be painted they looked like veneer?

Here are some more pictures of kitchen layout. The floor and kitchen cabinets to me seem too

matchy? He does plan to get new counter tops and maybe backsplash.

On this side where the glass cabinet fronts are would like to get rid of glass fronts and

not sure how you could get new faces without doing something with all the other cabinets?

Also, thinking of building up back fascia here to make a bar area for counter seating which would look odd to keep the glass cabinets? Any ideas would be great! Thank you

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