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Completely frivolous car purchase, Midlife crisis or - WWYD?

20 days ago

I've always been interested in cars and motorcycles and have owned many so far in my life and I even used to road race motorcycles and drag race cars (just my supercharged daily driver back then) on a track. I'm currently in the position that I have the ability to spend money on a Corvette without it hurting my pocket book. It is a vehicle I've been wanting since college days - so many years, however I'm having a hard time to justify spending the amount of money to get what I'd really like. I'm generally frugal and I can find other things to spend this money on or just invest and save it and if it weren't for some things in the last year and half I may actually do so, but suddenly I just feel I want to throw caution to the wind and just buy the car.

My DH is no help as he is also into cars and he just says if I can afford it and if I can get in and out of it then why not. He doubted I'd be able to, but I could happily report I had no such issues. Of course I'm the frugal one and he's the spender so no help in that conflict. Friends are not much help either. They are all encouraging me to go for it since having my child I've not had a fun vehicle. Said child will have her license early next year and my friends just said she can drive your car (75K miles SUV) and you can drive something fun.

I'm so tempted to do it and part of it is I think I'm having a midlife crisis and just want to throw caution to the wind. I've had some medical issues in the last 18 months too that is probably playing a part in the midlife crisis and me thinking I need to do it now or it is likely never to happen as I may not be able to do it in 5 years if my mobility goes down.

How do you get over your frugal/Cautious self and allow yourself to actually make such a frivolous purchase? I'm having trouble pulling the trigger, but kind of need to soon as what I want is harder to find due to the color choice or put it off another year and who knows what life will be then. Sound like a midlife crisis?

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