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Are there multiple plants in this A.V.pot?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

This very healthy looking A.V. has not bloomed since last summer / early fall, instead has been growing many leaves.

A few weeks ago I thought I should divide it, assuming that once out of the pot I would be able to identify several plants. But I could not see any separate crowns, everything seemed to be just one big A.V. bush, so different from how it was last year when it bloomed...

I did not have the heart to pull the root ball apart, so just removed some bottom leaves and potted it into a slightly bigger pot. gut instinct is telling me there is too much going on in one pot. I have been feeding all my African Violets the same, others are blooming, this one isn't, yet ...

I took pictures from different angles. The last pic shows it last year when in bloom.

Any suggestions?

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