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Would love some feedback on recessed lights placement

last month
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We're building a semi-custom house and we want to make sure that our living areas are well-lit, but we don't want harsh shadows. We've done our research and we know the trick is to layer lights, so we're planning on supplementing the living room with floor lamps, but we want to know if the recessed lights we're planning to wire in seem okay.

We're thinking 6" WAC gimbal canless lights (model R6ERAR-W9CS-WT; they're dimmable), under-cabinet LEDs, 3 pendants over the island and one larger light fixture in the middle of the living room. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the entire floor has a 10-foot ceiling.

We've never lived in a house/apartement with recessed lights, so we're a bit out or our depth. Any tips, feedback and criticism welcomed!

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