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How much do exterior corners (jigs/jogs) increase build cost?

last month

This is really a question out of curiosity and I know that there is no real exact answer. I'm curious if folks have an understanding of roughly how much having more jigs/jogs really costs? I know it's a bit more lumber, a potentially more complicated roofline, but I don't have a sense of whether having too many jigs/jogs can increase the cost by 10k vs 100k.
This has come up in my mind because in most of the custom new builds I'm seeing, there are about 20 corners on just the front facade of the house. In one new build, I counted at least 60 total exterior corners as I drive by each day. Most of these are roughly 6k sq ft houses. There seems to be no regard for the cost of exterior corners. Yet on here, I often see floor plans criticized for having too many corners.

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