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Sanity check cost to paint windows and doors

last month

Sanity checking a paint quote for a 5500 sqft house with 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, finished basement.
Contractor quoted these prices for labor only for all the trim ( cost of paint would be additional). Is this reasonable? Live in Chicago. They offer 2 year warranty on workmanship offering free 2 hour labor touch ups within the time frame
they assumed it will take them 50 minutes to paint each door (they counted 37 doors) = 30.83 hours to paint @ $66.00 per hour brings us to a total of $2035.00
They counted 58 windows and said it will take them 75 minutes to paint each window so 72.5 hours @ $66.00 per hour for a total of $4785.00 to paint all the windows.
They also counting that they also have to paint casings of the doors and windows for additional cost to above and they are counting 87 Door/Window Casings, combined (30 minutes per casing) = 43.5 hours to paint @ $66.00 per hour brings us to a total of $2871.00 to paint all the casings.
crown Molding - We have crown molding in
All rooms except bathrooms and they are estimating cost of labor to paint all of it to be $3168
So grand total for all trim is almost $13k
Separately they quoted all the walls for all rooms at a grand total of $17k labor only
We also have cabinets that they will paint
which they quoted at $7300 labor and matetials (they will use renner brand which they say is the best they have tried) with a 10 year warranty against any paint or workmanship issues. The cost includes painting all of the below:
A basement wetbar (5 upper cabinets with glass doors all removable and can be reused, and 3 lowers with regular doors and 6 drawers)
A family room built in (4 bases with 6 doors total and open shelving on top of all of them)
A mudroom built in with open shelving on one side, flat panel and bench on other eye and on top of the whole thing there are 3 wall cabinet stackers for a total of 6 doors
A basement built in made of with open shelving floor to cieling (9ft cieling) on one side and 2 small base cabinets with 4 doors total between them.
The total quote labor only is about 43k and they're estimating materials for walls and trim to be another $5 to 6k for quality like BM aura or regal select.

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