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Sanity check - painting custom cabs yourself?

13 years ago

question to those who hand painted their new custom kitchen cabinets - would you do it again? any tips? am i crazy to be considering this?

background: i went with custom cabs for my kitchen remodel for two reasons - custom allowed me to fit a 30" sink where semi-custom wouldn't and i also did not find a semi-custom white paint color i liked - i wanted to go with BM white dove. i planned to paint them myself. my house is vintage, the cabs will be inset vintage looking and i prefer the less perfect look with brush strokes as opposed to slick sprayed-on look, like that i can touch them up in the future when need be and i can save some money since i paid 15% extra by going custom. getting them professionally painted will be in the range of ~$3000. quote to just prime doors and door fronts came in at $1300.

the GC has told me he thinks i am off my rocker for considering painting them myself and strongly suggests i get them professionally painted or, if not that, then professionally primed. from a budget perspective i am over budget already so would prefer not to spend more on something i can do myself. i am very busy at work so it will take me some time over the next month to get it done. i have a bonus room off my garage where i plan to do the work, construction will not begin anyway until late April or sometime in may.

am i nuts to be considering this? am i missing something other than it will be a PITA?

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