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My wife knows I'm cheating...

..and she approves!

For the past 14 years we've been vendors at one of our local gardening clubs and the bulk of what we bring are of course hostas. When we started out it was the first Saturday in May but with a change in venue about 8 years ago came a change in date. It's now the first Saturday in April and of course we'd be hard pressed to bring much in terms of leafed out product. Last year I decided it might not be a bad idea to bring in some pots to give them a head start and bring a decent looking plant to the sale. That worked out really well, best results we'd had in a few years. So this year I've brought in a few more and some of them are going gangbusters already. It's so nice to see that bright green again in this dreary weather!

This is a 'Ray of Hope' doing its best to impress.

And here's the lot of them...

Under the grow lights I have started some lettuce and spinach, they'll be ready to go into the cold-frames by mid-month.


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