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Rhonda Hurwitz
last month
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Hello Houzz HVAC Pros --

It's been 9 months since I tried troubleshooting my Carrier Infinity HVAC system on this forum:

Much discussion and 80 comments very helpful ... thank you to all who helped us at that time.

Unfortunately, despite all the fixes we tried last year, we did not get through another winter -- more system faults, heat is down again. So, we've made the decision made to replace our troublesome 12 year old Carrier Infinity system. But with what?


  • We live in Northwest CT -- very cold winters
  • We need a reliable heating and cooling system
  • Work with gas (propane) fuel and current forced hot air vents in house.
  • Easy to service in the future, should we need it - we live in a remote area without a lot of options for service providers
  • Less concerned about efficiency than reliability
  • Carrier's proprietary communications system was hard to service -- we want to avoid advanced digital communications for marginal efficiency benefits

Our HVAC contractor has recommended the DAIKIN Gas Furnace Model # DM96VC080 with an A/C Condensing unit DZ6VSA48 which also acts as a heat pump. He is one of very few service providers in our area. Thoughts on this recommendation? He has installed Daikon systems in several neighbors and says it is the system he has in his own home.

What questions should we be asking or what else should we consider at this time?

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