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Do you think it's less safe today than it was decades ago?

last month

Someone mentioned in another thread that it isn't safe for kids to play outside unsupervised. I think if you watched missing person cases (cold cases in particular) you wouldn't think that it's any different than it has ever been. I remember being free to roam my neighborhood in San Pedro, CA all day long. Half the time my mom wasn't even home when I came inside to grab a sandwich to eat for lunch. My dad was usually "out to sea", as he was in the Navy.

I remember once riding my bike on our street, in Navy housing, and a car pulled up. The man stopped and stared at me, his passenger window was rolled down. I was waiting for him to pass so I could pedal up the street. I saw something that didn't make sense to me until years later. I was alone that day, no friends around. No adults anywhere to be seen other than this creepy man. I think I dodged a bullet that day. I was only 7 or 8 years old and small for my age. Not sure if I could have gotten away from him. He sat staring at me for what seemed like forever. He finally drove off. I just remember being so confused and I guess that's why I still remember it.

I think this stuff is more noticeable because of the instant news we have, internet and alerts we get on our phones. What do you think?

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