Do you think OXO POP Containers are "Safe" for food storage?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Trying to get rid of plastic (old Tupperware, etc) in my pantry for kitchen food storage and was planning on purchasing a lot of OXO Pop Containers to use in my pantry for flour, sugar, cereal, etc. Looking at the bottom of the Pop Container I was shocked to see that it is a #7 plastic. Which is one of the plastic types that we are supposed to avoid. Called OXO customer service and they told me yes it is a #7 plastic, but that it is "Polypropylene" and a "safe" plastic and is BPA free. OK, still not sure about this as if it is a Polypropylene plastic, why is it not simply labeled a #5? It is labeled a #7, which is basically "Other" on the list of plastics - a catch all for an everything else type of plastic.

I am probably overthinking this whole thing, but after going through the hassle of trying to rid my home of old, bad plastics that I have had for 20 years I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing. Now I am considering using all glass to store pantry items into, but that can be pretty heavy holding a 5 pound bag of flour.

OK, any thoughts from other people on this issue if OXO Pop Containers (or Good Grips) are a safe plastic for food storage?

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