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Tile Experts - I need help identifying tile

last month

I’ve included some photos below. Approx size is 5”x6”. Does anyone know what kind of tile this is? I assume either a cove base tile of some sort or wall tile with accent, but cannot find anything like it anywhere. This ceramic tile was used as pool coping around my pool, and the raised portion is great as a safety grip while in the pool, while also not large enough to be a trip hazard. it is flush mounted to the pool deck as we do not have a recess for the standard pool coping everywhere else. I’m looking to tear out the existing as most are cracked and replace it with something nearly the same in a different color. But everywhere I go, including long time pool installers and the original pool installer for my pool - no one has any idea. (pool is over 40 years old, and these were likely original). there are no markings whatsoever on these. Any ideas?

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