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Help Needed from Bill Vincent or other Tile Expert!

12 years ago

When our porcelain tile floor was installed, it was lovely. The contractors put paper down while they continued working in the kitchen with plumbing, electrical, soapstone installation, etc. I noticed some dirty looking spots but ignored them, as they were working in the kitchen and I figured it was just dirt that would wipe out. After everything was done and the paper removed, these little dirty splash marks would not come out and in addition, I noticed several areas around the perimeter of the room with marks about 6" long and a few inches apart, as if made by a machine's wheel. Of course, nobody is fessing up. I called the tile store to see what cleaning product could be put on the floor and she didn't recommend anything specific, but said that nothing should really harm porcelain. The strongest product I tried was krud cutter, which did not help. I have been waiting weeks for our tile installer to respond to the question of what to use on it. I think it might be an epoxy that fell on the floor when the soapstone was installed, but the soapstone guy doesn't think so. It is very upsetting and it will be just awful if my new floor is trashed. Since I can't get any of the contractors to say what it might be, I just want to try to get it out. Does anyone know something strong that will not be harmful to the floor (or people?) Many thanks in advance for your input.

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