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Make ahead cocktail help

last month

For our next cookbook club luncheon, I’m in charge of cocktails. The theme is semi-Spanish (we are very loosy-goosey with themes). I must leave town 5 days before the luncheon. Another club member has agreed to deliver and serve my cocktail. My problem is figuring out what I can do 5 days in advance. I would love to do a white sangria, but I can’t imagine the fruit holding up for 5 days. My next choice would be a margarita. But I want it to be simple for the woman who is helping me out.

Am I overlooking something easy?

Is there a way to make and freeze the sangria base, just adding wine and club soda at the last minute?

Will a margarita keep for 5 days?

Any other spanish-y type of drink that I’m overlooking?

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