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Make-Ahead Side Dishes for Christmas Dinner

8 years ago

Every year I host Christmas dinner. I do not have a number yet, but probably 20+. We welcome any and all and sometimes people with nowhere else to go join us. Wonderful!

Every year I make Beef Burgundy and Holiday Mashed potatoes. That is expected from my family - and I only do it once a year. I usually set several tables complete with water and wine glasses, salad plates, etc. Although it looks beautiful, the clean-up after dinner is horrendous. I would also serve family style, which meant that I needed double or triple of every bowl. I can sit 10 in my dining room and have two tables in my sun room. This year I am trying to simplify. I am going to forego the green salad and probably water goblets unless asked. I am thinking about a buffet.

I have already done most of the beef burgundy, except the mushrooms. It freezes so well. I will do the potatoes ahead and freeze them. I have been scouring the internet looking for other recipes I can make either a couple of days ahead, or make ahead and freeze. My family would gladly bring things, but I prefer not to ask, so everyone can just come and enjoy.

This group always have so many good ideas, so I thought I would ask here. We do have somewhat adventurous palates, so I am looking for things a little different. I saw the recipe for shrimp and rice and shrimp and grits. Not sure about two starches, but am thinking about it.

Thank you for your ideas. Maybe this thread will help others as well.

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