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This and that from Indiana

I know spring is still far away. We just got about 4 inches of snow Friday and Saturday, but the weather forecast is looking good for the rest of the week. Our seedlings are almost all planted and are coming up. We planted fewer this year than we have in many years. So far, it looks like germination will not be very good. Maybe last year's drought has something to do with that.

Tom Adams opened its first flower in the greenhouse today. It's a little lighter in color than it usually is. The scape has only 4 buds. We put pollen on it (from our stores of frozen pollen) but we aren't sure that the pollen is good. The pollen would have thaw during the 75 hours our power was off last summer.

Bob has other flowers blooming in the greenhouse. The first one is Hibiscus schizopetalus.

This bromeliad is Aechmea 'Little Harve Variegata. It is not a little plant though.

This is a small Neoregelia called 'Donger'. The cat is Gus Gus. He loves going into the greenhouse with Bob. His sister Jackie is afraid of the greenhouse and won't go in.

This is Nidularium 'Rojo'.

This is Tillandsia 'Antonio'.

Here is Gus Gus enjoying lying in the Gator.


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