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Decline of health and sap on my mother's citrus leaves, please help!

John Gogo
2 months ago

So my mother's (who is very sick and I really want to make her plants healthy and thriving to lift her spirits) Meyer Lemon, Dwarf lime, and another I don't remember the name were brought in from outside, and when they were given solid lighting and organic amendments, they started growing like crazy. However, the old soil was not great and they started having issues once they got to a size that the old small containers weren't enough.
I repotted them from one gallon stone pots to 7 gallon Grassroots fabric pots with a organic soil kit (home hand mixed with Quoddy lobster compost, peat, and BAS nutrient/ mineral mix) from BuilASoil, with extra aeration thrown it. I also kept them on the middle drier side. Also tossed in some light cover crop just to make sure there was never excessive moisture ( which seemed okay with them in the smaller containers, absolutely soaked but stayed healthy). When transplanting I noticed the soil was so dense that the bottom 1/3 of the root ball was just soaked and basically fell off when transplanting.
The plants have now stalled, been secreting sap out of the leaves as well as them yellowing or just dropping brittle leaves that don't seen to want to hang on. They stopped blooming, but the lemon has finished up the 3 lemons it had. Now I'm seeing some of the cover crop I had to make sure the biology was cycling and the moisture was managed to get funky over the last week.
Recently the cover crop was started turning white and I'm seeing webs on the cover crop mostly, but I cant tell if they look like mites or spiders or both.
My mother is blaming the soil (which has been blowing our expectations out of the water with the results with every single other plant we've put in the soil), but I feel that the plants having finally getting proper light, a growth spurt, then running out room in damp, dead, poorly drained soil with low volume allowed some bugs/pests that were dormant from outside to strat thriving in the new optimal environment.
Any and all thoughts or advice? I have EM-5 plant cleaner, Spinosad, Essential oil blends, Tweetmint, Dr. ZYMES, Neem/Karanja oil, and I think Insecticidal soap. I could also Amazon prime Doctor Branners soap or whatever else is needed. Additionally, I have MarroneBio Venerate, Grandevo, and Regalia at the ready. Would any of these be the right place to start and or a regiment to start?
Please let me know, I really want to fix these for her. I'd be incredibly grateful for any help.
Thank you in advance!

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