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Need help determining health of citrus and fruit trees

2 years ago

Hello everyone! I just moved to northern California (Marin County) from western Pennsylvania to a lovely duplex with some beautiful citrus trees. The knowhow of care of these plants are totally foreign to me. My landlord claims has an irrigation system, but bought this place weeks before renting it to me, so I took that info with a grain of salt.

It rarely rains here, in fact today is the only day it's misted in 8 weeks of being here. The plants themselves are in full sun throughout the day, although the mornings here are usually foggy until around 8am.

The ground itself has been as hard and dry as a rock around the plants, so I've been watering them once a week, either first thing in the morning or at night. I just located the valves for the irrigation system, which were turned off, so I've turned them on.

The trees themselves seem to be very healthy. They're bearing a lot of fruit and the Meyer Lemon tree is blossoming quite a bit, however all of the leaves seem to be getting a yellow hue to them. The trees themselves all seem to have leaves that are curled toward the top of the plant, and flat toward the bottom. I'm unsure if this is a method to protect the leaves from the sun, or a sign of under or overwatering.

I was gone last weekend and I came back on Monday to the smaller citrus tree and rosemary bush to have a very dry look to them, and soil that was BONE dry. I watered them thoroughly on Tuesday, watered again on Friday, and now we have a bit of rain this morning. My moisture meter is reading that the soil is Dry, Moist, or just about Wet all over the soil area. It seems that I water this soil, and only the top layer of the soil stays wet, while the soil further below is completely dry. I gave a VERY thorough deep soak on Tuesday to try to get the soil as wet as I could, then I watered again on thursday + the bit of rain today, as I said above.

Anyway, I'm trying to determine if my watering is helping or hurting these plants. Having a mixture of persimmons and different citrus trees likely means that these plants are needing different care, but I want to make sure that I'm not ruining my beautiful oasis out here.

I'm attaching some photos for your opinions. The photos are in this order:

Meyer Lemon



Unknown Citrus Tree

Unknown Tree

Rosemary Bush

Any opinions you can all give me on these trees will be more valuable than my own. Thank you!

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