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Where would you place patio door? Family vs Breakfast Room

2 months ago

Need help deciding where to place a sliding door leading out to back patio! Our current floor plan is below where the sliding door is currently set for the back wall of the breakfast/dining room. I thought that would be best to give symmetry to the space from both inside and outside. However Im worried it may be inconvenient to acccess as we plan to have a 80-90 inch rectangle dining table in this room. The dimensions of the breakfast room is currently 13’ by 9’. Im planning to extend the length to 14’ but I’d rather not add anymore depth. The other option is to move the sliding door to the side of the breakfast room (easier to access than back) or to the family room (easiest access and best looking but dont like the idea of people trekking through this room with shoes and will it be tight on space?). A few more details about our build: The back of the house faces north. Its a long but narrow lot. We have small children that we expect coming in and out a lot. We like to grill outside and entertain. We live in the midwest, very seasonal.

Any advice greatly appreciated!!

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