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Window Replacement - Mfg/Model Identification Help Needed

Eric H
18 days ago

We are the 3rd owners of a central FL custom home built in ~2014. We're considering an upgrade of the existing single-hung vinyl windows in the bedroom to try to minimize ever-increasing traffic noise and add some storm impact protection. I wanted to understand the specs of the current windows before I start calling around for selected replacement windows in hopes of not having to replace ALL the windows due to style/quality differences. For the life of me I can't seem to find any identifying marks on the existing windows. I've looked for labels, etched printing in the glass, insulating spacer markings, brand names on latches, screens, or other hardware but I have been unable to locate any at all -- I've even pulled the lower (movable) sash hoping to find something hidden around the edges.

I've tried comparing the style/hardware with what I find online but there are just too many choices. I don't know the original builder or window installer. What I do know is the following (along with some photos): Single hung installed into concrete block/stucco, tilt-out lower panes with double sash locks. and the lift is a single continuous "lip" running across the bottom rail. Some of the windows have grills-in-glass and some of the windows have uneven upper/lower sashes (reverse cottage?)... so I feel that they are probably from a mid-scale to upper-scale mfg and not just a bargain-basement brand.

Any other suggestions on how to identify brand/model? I'm hesitant to just believe what a replacement window contractor tells me regarding the existing windows qualities/characteristics if they might benefit from convincing me that the existing windows are all "garbage" and have to be replaced to match. (Sorry in advance for besmirching reputable companies).

(and pay no attention to the fly-specs/dirt of this garage window or the man's reflection in the window :-)

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