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Primary bathroom/suite help

Danielle H
16 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

Hi all, I’m looking for ideas or thoughts about the best way to design this primary suite. The space is the entire second floor, but it’s unique and definitely has quite a few challenges. We have worked with a designer and the plumber and I think we have a good plan however I’m not fully convinced there isn’t a more creative idea or solution out there.

Right now the bathroom is very small and while I don’t need a huge bathroom I’d like something that fits a water closet / door for the toilet and a nice tub. We have also enjoyed using the current sitting room wayyy more than I ever anticipated (having a living space free of kids things or just life’s chaos that’s just cozy is something I never realized I needed).

Here are the real challenges:

-the house is built like a post and beam, and the beams below are all exposed. This means we can’t, for example, easily move the bathroom into the bedroom or sitting room space because the pipes will be poking through our living room ceiling below.

-the posts can’t move. They are marked with x’s in the one photo. We have discussed putting up a header and removing a post in various spots but it’s so much easier to just not move them. All the other walls can move.

-the ceiling in the bedroom is vaulted (and gorgeous). The rest of the ceilings are not however we intend to vault the sitting room ceiling to match the bedroom. But this obviously means that the bathroom, for example, can’t be expanded to be half under a vaulted ceiling and half not.

My current thought is to expand the current bathroom to fill out the blue square or move it to the red square. Because of the exposed ceiling below, I don’t think it can expand into the sitting or bedroom. Then the opposite side will be the closet. I don’t know if it’ll be weird to have the closet in a different area/“room” than the bathroom? We thought about putting the closet in the current bedroom but it puts the view of the horses and the nicest window in the closet.

Including pictures of current layout

this is the bathroom design we got from our designer if we expand the current bathroom into the adjoining walk in closet. I feel like with all this space I’d like a slightly larger bathroom but I dont see a way to make it work.

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