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How do I eliminate a chalky smell in my house?

2 months ago

About 6 years ago, we renovated most of our small (1100 sq ft) home, which included replacing the sheetrock. More recently, about 1 year ago, we added a bathroom in our basement (more new sheetrock). Our home has a distinct odor, which most closely resembles a chalky smell. We did have the house tested for mold and mildew, and there is some mildew on the exposed floor joists in the basement, which we're removing, but I don't really smell the chalky odor down there, unless I'm inside the bathroom, which smells strongly of chalk, so I'm guessing it's the sheetrock.

Unfortunately, the house has had a history of problems and odors, namely mold, but that was treated 6 years ago when we renovated and also replaced some of the studs and all of the sheathing, wrap, and siding. The odors from that time are, I think, gone, although I admit it's sometimes hard to tell.

So, I have two questions:

1. Is it possible for sheetrock to emit an odor after it's painted and after a number of years? If so, how do we get rid of it?? I'm desperate!

2. Is there such a thing as an "odor expert"? I'd really love to have someone come into our home and try to pinpoint what exactly is going on. This has been a very long and stressful road, and I'd honestly sell and move on if we could, but it's not possible right now.

I'd really appreciate any and all insight and/or advice. Thank you in advance!

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