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What can I do about random stains/marks on Quartz countertops?

last month

I moved into a new build in March 2023 (just over a year ago). A couple of weeks after we moved into the house I noticed a cloudy spot on the quartz countertop in my kitchen. I contacted the manufacturer and someone came and said it looked like a water mark. The technician used Vim Cream and Bar Keepers Friends to "clean" it. The spot disappeared. Then a couple of months later, it reappeared again in the same spot. I contacted them again and they said that it's not under the warranty which I thought was very strange because they came and "fixed" it the first time but now they say it's not under warranty. Over time I have noticed more and more spots and marks appear on the countertops in different areas. I have tried everything they recommended to get rid of them except Vim because I don't want to ruin them. They appear in the most random areas (funny enough it's usually parts of the countertop that I barely use for tasking). They are different shapes so I'm pretty sure it's not something I'm doing because whatever I do is I do everywhere.

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