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adding a screen room - thoughts?

I want to add a screen room on my deck at the back of my house this season, because mosquitoes love me and (in spite of my new bat house), it can get pretty buggy here. My backyard is very narrow, with just about 4' - 4.5' of lawn from the edge of the deck to the retaining wall at the base of the hill behind my house. The current deck is 10' wide x almost 20' along the width of the back of the house, with a sliding glass door into the house. My idea is to add a screen room of at least 10' x 12', with 2 doors - one to the house and one to the rest of the deck (where I have a smoker and BBQ).

I'm questioning the placement......I could extend the deck out to the left no more than 2' because of the curve of the retaining wall, but if I add that to about half the deck, that would give me a 12' x 10' screen room, and still a 10' x 10' uncovered deck. The screen room is far more important to me, and I'd really like it maybe 14' x 10', but that decreases the size of the uncovered deck.....I'm wondering if it will look weird if more than half the deck is a screen room? Do you think it will be unappealing to future buyers if I change the allotment of the deck that way?

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