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any quality LED downlights that fit this space?

Cam G
2 months ago

Currently building a house in Mexico. These 3.5" cans went in that are only 4.5" deep - see picture below. The interior of the can might be a tad wider at 4.75 or 5" wide. Not a whole lot of space to work with as you can see.

I originally was hoping for some nice Elco or Lotus downlights but I just don't have enough space, the ceilings are poured concrete & styrofoam. I've been searching high and low for the most compact 1, 2, or 3" downlight - preferably recessed and not wafer lighting - with an integrated housing that will fit within this space. I'm drawing a blank because most transformers that I find are at least 5" x" 4" x 2".

What alternatives do I have? Does anyone ever put their transformers near their breaker box instead somehow and then pull the necessary wire through conduit to the downlights?

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